Structural engineering company – design and structural analysis for steel construction, amusement rides and temporary structures.

B&W Engineering

Structural engineering company for structural analysis and design in the fields of civil and mechanical engineering

„Our benchmark is to solve complex problems in a creative and responsible fashion without losing focus on design and functionality.” 

The main focus of our engineering company is quality, not quantity.

B&W is a dynamic team, uniting a variety of engineering disciplines.

Goal: Our team consists of civil engineer Maximilian Wittmann (M.Sc.), who majored in Structural Analysis, the Finite Element Method and Concrete Construction, and mechanical engineer Stefan Buchberger (Dipl.-Ing.), whose core competencies are Steel ConstructionDesign Engineering, Dynamics and Manufacturing Technologies. Through our partnership with Werner Steininger, who designed, calculated and realized numerous projects in the field of temporary structures and amusement rides we moreover can capitalize on more than 40 years of experience.


Our structural engineering company will serve you as a one-stop shop. From design and construction to structural analysis services we manage your project end-to-end. Our calculations comply with latest standards and norms, irrespective of whether you want to realize your project in the area of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering or a combination hereof. For us Statics and Dynamics are inseparable topics.

B&W is a structural engineering company that creates analyses for steel construction, amusement rides and temporary structures.

We gladly support you in mechanical engineering topics, such as calculations and revaluations of amusement rides, including but not limited to carousels, roller coasters or swing rides. Our structural engineering company also covers civil engineering topics, such as a structural analysis of a tent (e.g. marquees, circus tents), house, membrane structure, as well as a complex stage design. We moreover will support you in any form of recalculations and revisions to existing structural analyses, for instance with respect to current ASTM or Eurocode standards.

Our engineers think economically.

Our engineering company is multi-facetted.

Our engineers combine and master design, construction and calculations on a blank piece of paper with the use of cutting edge technologies and computer-aided programs requiring detailed knowledge. We reconcile and cross-check all results obtained through the Finite Element Method by hand. Only with this approach can we achieve structural analyses with the best possible results to rely on.

As a structural engineering company for temporary structures it is essential to have detailed knowledge in the area of structural engineering/ statics as well as in the field of dynamics and to possess the capabilities to combine both.

Lastly, our goal is to keep the construction and calculation of your project as simple as possible while guaranteeing the stability and safety of the structure. This results in time saving as well as cost saving while maintaining the highest quality in our structural analysis.

membrane structure statics of bw structural engineering company - structural analysis, statics and dynamics
stage constructions of bw structural engineering company - structural analysis, statics and dynamics

Our structural engineering company works internationally.

From our office in Munich, Germany, we successfully realized various constructions and temporary structures in many places of the world. This is only possible through a high level of flexibility and cooperation with our customers. Every country has its own technical standards and norms. For many engineering offices an issue – for us a challenge we are willing to accept.

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