Amusement Rides

Structural Analysis for Amusement rides | Tower rides | Rollercoaster

In cooperation with our partner company W. Steininger GmbH we realized several projects for amusement rides, a special field combining civil engineering and mechanical engineering and therefore requires a large spectrum of technical knowledge and experience. On the one hand the analysis of the structure itself such as towers, rollercoaster tracks or safety restraint systems are a typical area of application of static structural engineering. On the other hand the determination of loads in permanent operation, the technical rating of the machine drive, the designing of a breaking system or the development of a roller coaster trolley with its undercarriages are representatives of mechanical engineering. On top of that calculation must be performed regarding fatigue strength verifications under dynamic loading which certainly is one of the most challenging fields of engineering. Fatigue limit examination are done by applying notch stresses or nominal stress concepts combined with finite element methods and expert literature.

For example, B&W was commissioned to work for the construction and stability calculations of Freefall Towers and Skyfalls, designing one of the highest Swing Rides of the world and the study design of a dynamic analysis of a Drop Down of an complete track segment loaded by the trolley.

Regarding amusement rides, the strong interaction of external forces, trolley, dynamics of live loading and track-systems calls for a holistic consideration of the entire system. For these special expert fields, our engineers can manage your project end-to-end while serving as on-stop-shop. To pool our best strength, B&W Engineering is directed by a civil engineer, M.Sc. M. Wittmann, and a mechanical engineers, Dipl.-Ing. S. Buchberger. We can help you with static and dynamic analyses and optimization of your amusement ride project. Based on the great experience of our partner engineer Werner Steininger, who is one of the pioneers in roller coaster design for more than 40 years.

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