Climbing Walls

Construction design and calculation of climbing and boulder walls

The complexity of the shape and geometry of a climbing wall increases at the same time with the growing demand of modern climbers for artificial climbing wall systems to approximate the climbing conditions as natural as possible. This leads to difficult three-dimensional intersections of the deck panels of the climbing wall with a correspondingly complex construction of the substructure. In order to get these problems under control, especially engineering solutions combined with expert skills of the participating carpenters are in demand. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep the concept and the load-bearing system of the climbing wall as simple as possible while ensuring the load bearing capacity at the same time. A crucial point is to keep the relative deformations in the area of the edges of two neighbouring cover panels as small as possible. If you choose a difficult system, on the one hand the computational construction design is very complex. On the other hand, the realisation on-site leads quickly to confusions. Also a clearly structured structural analysis is then almost no longer possible and the whole implementation quickly becomes more expensive.

For the climbing wall of our client, the B&W engineers have developed a sophisticated modular system. As soon as the construction moves within certain boundary conditions, such as the lengths of the substructure-girders, the spans of the cover panels or the spacing of the screws, only one single structural analysis is required. All load-bearing elements were made of wood or wood composites, since these materials are excellently suited for producing highly varying geometries in an extremely efficient and adaptive manner, without having to rely on inflexible steel components. The implementation of the substructure and its connections always follows the same procedure, so that a designer or structural engineer does not always have to be consulted again. In addition, large parts of the climbing wall can be prefabricated in the workshop, while the assembly work on the construction site is reduced to a minimum. This means that our customers have maximum flexibility with greatly reduced costs as well as an independent, comprehensive portfolio for their customers.

Form and cost optimization together with modular structural analyses are one of the main strengths of the B&W engineering company.