Calculation and structural analysis of tents

You need a new structural analysis for your tent or must submit a recalculation of your existing structural analysis to the current standards of ASTM or Eurocode? The B&W structural engineering company is familiar with the current standards and directives and can assist you in realizing your project. Regardless whether with the calculation of the membrane fabric itself (polyester, textile, foil) or the design of the supporting construction out of steel or wood – we have expert knowledge in the field of membrane construction to make sure your tents will operate safely and reliably in future.

A common problem is the increased wind loading of the current standards compared to older regulations. We have considerable experience in the field of wind engineering and can apply and exploit standards economically. Mr. Wittmann worked for the Technical University of Munich as lecturer and was part of technical committees of accompanying standard-literature. Besides selected specialist lecture our calculations are based on numerical flow simulations of wind by computational fluid dynamics (CFD). This is how we achieve optimum and economic results and challenge complicated geometries.

Our competence in the area of membrane construction and in the field of the constructional engineering for steel and wood structures as well as our close ties to certification bodies are of great importance to ensure the verification and acceptance procedures of your tent.

Regarding the process of membrane construction, we can calculate the formfinding process and the cutting/ pattern of the fabric. Further more we realize the dimensioning of all structural elements and connections. Therefore the forces of the membrane covering are transmitted to the supporting construction in order to design all components and foundations. The benefit for you is that the entire calculation is managed out of one hand. If necessary, we maintain close contact with membrane manufacturer  which can perform the production of the membrane fabric.

Tents are often classified as temporary structure, which is our core business – Be part of it and get in contact with our engineering office B&W. We would be delighted to speak with you personally.